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The Cleankey (Wholesale) - The No Touch Door Opener Keyring

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Many people are worried about returning to work. That is why 1000's of workplaces all over the USA are improving workplace safety with the Cleankey.
A No Touch Door Opener & Button Pusher Keyring - Perfect for all those surfaces you just don't want to touch!

✅Get it for your team
✅Get it for your office
✅Get it for you university
✅Get it to show you care

We have sold more than 30,000 keys to workplaces in the USA alone. Protect your workplace too!

Can be used for public doors, elevators, using ATMs, or anything else that is push or pull.
Reduces harmful germ exposure! 

We can also provide a Retractable Key Holder that can be attached to any belt loop or uniform. Contact Us for special bulk pricing.

How The Retractable Key Holder Works

Everything was thought about when creating the Cleankey. After extensive testing we specifically designed the key to the perfect dimensions for no contact, whilst still having full control.  
Interested in customized branding. We do that too!

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Proudly Manufactured in Detroit - Motor City 🇺🇸

We ship UPS. All orders come with a tracking number.

Normal Price 12.95

Price for 100 - 499 is $8/ea
Price for 500 - 999 is $7.50/ea
Price for 1000 - 1999 is $7.25/ea
Price for 2000 - 4999 is $7.00/ea
We will provide individual quote for orders over 5000.

For customized branding quotes contact us below.

Thankyou for caring about the people around you.


Our company was founded in Australia. 

Phone: 0428010076